Skill India Fitness Trainer

Skill India Fitness Trainer


Available through self financed RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning Scheme): MRP. INR 19999/-


It is a special scheme and assessment process that is used to evaluate a persons existing skills set, knowledge and experience gained either by formal, non-formal and/or informal training. The RPL primarily has three objectives:

– It aims to align the competencies of the un-regulated workforce of the country to the standardized NSQF (National Skills Qualification Framework)
– To enhance the employability opportunities of an individual as well as provide alternative routes to higher education
– To provide opportunities for reducing inequalities based on privileging certain forms of knowledge over others.

If you think you have the necessary experience, skill and/or expertise or any form of education (formal or informal) in the fitness industry then you can avail the RPL Scheme and GET CERTIFIED NOW!

5 Step process to getting certified:
1. Mobilization: FSSA conducts various online and onsite activities related to mobilization of potential and interested candidates
2. Counseling & Pre screening: Candidates are counseled and explained the entire process of RPL in detail
3. Orientation: All our candidates are provided mandatory orientation before the final assessment
4. Final online assessment: An online exam of 60 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions)
5. Get your final certificate online



Background of Skill India

The ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE) launched Pradhan Mantry Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) in the year 2015. This scheme was further extended in the year 2016. And the objective was to enable a large number of Indian youth to take up industry relevant training that will help them in securing a better livelihood.

A component of assessment and certification of individual was also introduced under the Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) component of the scheme.

Till now more than 6 lakh individuals have been RPL certified under the PMKVY scheme.

Till date FSSA has certified over 1500 fitness professionals in the Skill India Self Financed RPL scheme.


1. Introduction

Unit 1.1 –Introduction to Fitness Training
Unit 1.2 – Following Rules and Regulations

2. The Human Body and Exercising

Unit 2.1 – Understanding the Human Body
Unit 2.2 – Understanding Exercising

3. Creating a Training Plan

Unit 3.1 – General Principles of Exercising
Unit 3.2 – Assessing Fitness Levels and Setting Fitness Goals
Unit 3.3 – Preparing a Training Plan
Unit 3.4 – Sample Training Plans

4. Imparting the Training

Unit 4.1 – Implementing the Training Plan
Unit 4.2 – Avoiding Injury

5. Monitoring Progress and Dealing with Injuries

Unit 5.1 – Monitoring Fitness
Unit 5.2 – Dealing with Injuries

6. Ensuring Health and Safety

Unit 6.1 – Health and Safety in a Fitness Centre
Unit 6.2 – Primary Safety Hazards and Control Measures

7. Employability and Entrepreneurship Skills

Unit 7.1 – Personal Strengths and Value Systems
Unit 7.2 – Digital Literacy: A Recap
Unit 7.3 – Money Matters
Unit 7.4 – Preparing for Employment and Self Employment
Unit 7.5 – Understanding Entrepreneurship
Unit 7.6 – Preparing to be an Entrepreneur